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Thanks to ever more advanced technologies, almost all damage to photovoltaic modules can be repaired. Only modules that are classified as end-of-life - and thus can no longer be refurbished - are returned to the recycling cycle. Together with experienced partners from the industry, we develop tested workflows for the treatment of photovoltaic modules, which we then use on site with our service partners.

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DIGITAL Energy Opportunity and Potential

The digital energy production with the help of used and refurbished photovoltaic modules holds enormous potential for the whole world.
Due to our large network in the photovoltaic industry, we offer our services on all 5 continents. This enables us to keep transport distances very low and to use only an extremely small CO2 footprint for the refurbishment process. Learn more about this growth market.

The amount of modules installed worldwide - and thus the amount of module failures or their warranty claims - is growing continuously, and with it the need for innovative solutions. For us, it is of utmost relevance to first examine the possibilities of a RE-USE - i.e. continued operation after REFURBISHING. We also see the DIGITALISATION of energy as the next evolutionary step in the solar industry.
If you have problems with your PV park or installation, our experienced partners in the network will evaluate the case and check how a warranty claim can be handled fairly and objectively.  Alternatively, we can offer you a quota for which we will BUY YOUR USED SOLAR MODULES or carry out a repair in the park. Of course, taking into account all legal requirements and rules

The Rinovasol solar recycling economy

Why RE-USE and not RE-Cycling??

If solar modules are simply recycled without first checking whether a repair is possible, recycling systems are not used optimally. By repairing/refurbishing these modules, they then generate future energy (almost) without CO2.

For this reason, the Rinovasol group of companies, led by recognised specialists from the industry, has specialised in refurbishing and digitising used solar and photovoltaic panels.

This makes new modules available for further use and significantly extends their life cycles.

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Re-Use before Re-Cycling