Recycling & refurbishment of solar panels based on Rinovasol's new and innovative technology

Rinovasol's new and innovative technology makes it possible to repair virtually all damage to solar and photovoltaic panels. If panels can no longer be refurbished, the processed materials, plastic and copper, are returned to the recycling loop. Rinovasol uses only constantly tested workflows for the recycling and treatment of photovoltaic panels. To date, Rinovasol has already refurbished or recycled nearly one million solar and photovoltaic panels and is currently working with manufacturers of such panels and operators of photovoltaic plants and farms in 40 countries.

The Market Opportunities and Potential

Sustainable energy generation using photovoltaics and other natural energy carriers is a huge growth market guaranteed to have a knock-on impact in the years to come. Between 2010 and 2019, the average annual growth rate of cumulative installed capacity for PV, including off-grid systems, was a whopping 35 percent. Learn more about this growth market.

Given the sheer quantity of panels installed, we see an equal increase in the total number of panel failures and associated warranty claims. While the competition is offering only fee-based recycling services, Rinovasol Group is taking a radically differend and innovative approach. Based on our fair and objective assessment of your warranty case, we draw up a quote for which we PROMISE TO PURCHASE YOUR USED OR DEFECTIVE SOLAR PANELS. It goes without saying that we comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Learn more about the benefits from using our system and how we process your order.

About Rinovasol We Extend Life Cycles

What happens to old and/or damaged solar panels?

Simple disposal results in financial losses and environmental contamination while at the same time slowing down the essential further development of the solar market.

It was precisely this dilemma which prompted Rinovasol, a company based in Weiden in the Upper Palatinate and run by acknowleded professionals from the solar industry, to specialize in the refurbishing and recycling of used solar and photovoltaic panels.

This is Rinovasol's silver bullet for making solar panels as good as new for future use while significantly extending their overall life cycles.

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