Digital Circular Economy A gigantic market with opportunities

For example, if we want to protect the future of the planet for everyone, we need to equip our cities across all levels with new, digital technologies for maximum efficiency in the use of renewable energy, so that true cooperation emerges. This way, neighbourhoods can share solar panels and distribute energy as it is needed. With sensible technical equipment, it is possible to design completely emission-free cycles using regenerative energies and also to supply e-mobility with them.

Professionally refurbished digital solar panels to avoid gigantic amounts of waste

To achieve these goals, millions of solar modules will have to be digitised. Currently, the largest producer of solar modules is still China. In order to re-establish local supply security, as well as to meet the demand for high-quality solar modules in the long term, we have decided to change our way of thinking.  Not only to avoid gigantic amounts of photovoltaic waste, the Rinovasol group of companies will ensure that the remanufactured modules only have to travel short distances to reach their new place of use.

We are therefore building the global refurbishment network by creating opportunities for our partners to follow our standards and give professionally refurbished solar modules another life. In this way, we can ensure that extremely cheap, CO2-free energy is generated.

Rinovasol Technology Leading the Industry

With the innovative Rinovasol technology, almost all damage to solar modules can be repaired. To date, companies in the Rinovasol Group have refurbished well over one million solar modules or sent them for recycling.