Economic Cycle "An Extra Life"

The Circular Economy is essential for the development of a comprehensive sustainability strategy in industry. True recycling in the sense of the Circular Economy goes beyond the collection, separation and storage of industrial and consumer waste: it means the actual recovery, refinement and reuse of civilisation raw materials and products! This recycling creates a cycle that conserves natural resources, produces less waste and reduces harmful emissions.

For this reason, the Rinovasol group of companies with its various operating divisions has specialised in refurbishing used solar and photovoltaic panels or recycling them in the best possible way. This makes new modules available for further use and significantly extends their life cycles. The refurbishment of the modules is a cost-effective and ecologically sound alternative to the scrap yard. 96.3 percent of the modules supplied can be reprocessed and returned to the market.

This reduces the waste of natural raw materials and happens precisely in a cycle that ensures that waste produced is reused or recycled to the highest possible quality. The circular economy is an efficient model of production and consumption and thus an important macroeconomic approach. To date, Rinovasol has already reprocessed or recycled almost one million modules and is currently working with manufacturers of such modules and operators of photovoltaic plants and parks in 40 countries.