Transformation into a new culture of value creation

We assume that by 2030 a rapid transformation into a new value-added culture and a new culture of value creation and a new global economic order will take place. Especially considering the connection between breathtaking advances in productivity in communications and environmental technologies, which in the long run will lead to energy and information will be available at cost price in the long run.
We can probably go further, because already one third of humanity produces their own information and distribute it almost free of charge via smartphone, computer and internet to the whole world. Presumably the energy market will function in a similar way between 2030 and 2040. But there is certain to be a shift from generation to the operation of grids.

The era of the oil sheikhs and the natural gas billionaires would then be happily overcome. But: the era of fat margins for the coverage of basic human needs (light, heat, information, mobility) would also come to an end.

What could this look like?

An energy system that no longer margins (which is already the case today), but which offers us all the prospect of electricity generation at cost price?
For us, the future is an energy based on maximum circular economy, with the following criteria:

 INTELLIGENT - Arteficial Intelligence