Rinovasol Group Energy generation of the future

Photovoltaics is an important contribution to sustainable energy generation in the fight against global warming and helps to protect our natural environment. However, this is not enough. The use of photovoltaics should also support our resource efficiency goals, i.e., the prudent and sensitive handling of our earth's natural resources. This is where Rinovasol comes in. Rinovasol extends the useful life of photovoltaic panels by not treating them as waste but by preparing them for reuse in future energy generation. This refurbishment is a challenge both from a technological and from a regulatory perspective. It is for a good reason that government authorities and institutions take a critical view of used photovoltaic panels, especially when crossing the borders. Rinovasol has employed great efforts of persuasion to be able to import used photovoltaic panels to Germany and to export them to customers after processing.

Rinovasol Group has a complete vertical value chain at its disposal. From the production of NEW solar panels, to our own collection and return system, to end-of-life panel recyclers and our own construction company: we are ideally structured to play an important role in the market of the future, especially for our customers and partners. We already offer what others merely promise: Comprehensive end-to-end service from a single source - with a wealth of benefits to all stakeholders involved. COST-EFFECTIVE, PROFESSIONAL and on a GLOBAL scale. We would be pleased to meet and tell you all about our services in person. No matter how challenging the customer's request: we are the leading experts on all matters concerning photovoltaics.

Refurbishing or optimized recycling We know how

That is why Rinovasol Group and its various divisions have specialized in the refurbishing and optimized recycling of used solar and photovoltaic panels. This is Rinovasol's silver bullet for making solar panels as good as new for future use and for significantly extending their overall life cycles. Rinovasol's new and innovative technology makes it possible to repair virtually all damage to solar panels.

For solar panels damaged beyond refurbishment, Rinovasol strips their materials such as aluminum, plastic, glass or silicon and the precious metals and returns them to the recycling loop. Rinovasol uses only tested workflows for the recycling and treatment of photovoltaic panels.

Over one million panels almost worldwide

To date, Rinovasol has re-used and/or recycled over one million solar and photovoltaic panels and is currently working with manufacturers of such solar panels and operators of photovoltaic plants and farms almost worldwide. Rinovasol is also offering its services to insurance companies keen on reducing their loss adjustment expenses for this insurance sector and to make these sectors profitable again.