Global Repair/Refurbish Centre - short transport routes CO2-saving and economically efficient

Circular economy implemented in a new way: We ensure that more and more modules remain where they were previously used. Through a worldwide network of motivated and trained partners, we ensure that most of the solar modules have another life. But then as part of the worldwide digitally networked DC generators (almost) without a CO2 footprint.

Fully digitised - from inbound to new installation we record all energy production data - for a significant CO2 reduction

With a perfectly coordinated IT solution, we ensure that the problem of the worldwide accumulation of solar modules from warranties can be kept under control at all times. Our partners will be happy to inform you on site.

We would also like to draw your attention to our possibility of concluding PPA contracts. We have various modes - also for social or start-up projects - in which we offer very favourable process energy on a permanent basis - and also base-load capable if desired.