Perfectly Organized Logistics Economic Efficiency and CO2 Reduction

Thanks to Rinovasol Group's worldwide network and long-term partnerships with leading players in the solar industry, Rinovasol has a steady stream of solar panels incoming for processing. It goes without saying that these panels have to be transported at some point, which is why Rinovasol has established a future-proof and sustainable logistics process.

Thoroughly Planned For Significant CO2 Reduction

This process is based on our thoroughly planned, standardized collection of solar panels to ensure true transport safety and optimal stowage behavior. This in turn reduces CO2 pollution from transport while significantly increasing economic efficiency. Time losses and supply chain disruptions are a thing of the past.

'PV Collect' Collection System Proprietary Transport Pallets

By developing its own proprietary transport pallets, Rinovasol Group has created its PV Collect system which offers unique features for optimized solar panel collection. The pallets were specially developed by our technicians to ensure the safe transport of solar panels and are manufactured exclusively for Rinovasol. One of many examples attesting to Rinovasol's unique excellence.

Services Wide Range of Skills & Competencies

In addition to solar panel refurbishment and solar panel recycling, Rinovasol offers a huge portfolio of ancillary services all around photovoltaics. This is another example of Rinovasol's support of the industry and the promotion of alternative energy generation.

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