Why REPAIR? Vision

Especially at the beginning of the 2020s, previous actions seem even more outmoded than they already were. Man-made climate change, which has its origins in the commercial use of oil (and later natural gas), is perceived with unprecedented clarity and is considered a fact.

We will do our part to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stop climate change - at least a little bit.

One aspect that appears to be highly interesting, both ecologically and economically, is the digital energy circular economy (DECE). The DECE describes the approach of creating added value from the optimal use of photovoltaics and photosynthesis in complete cycles of products and resources.

In doing so, we pursue the claim of not allowing any loss of raw materials, nutrients or value, in addition to general participation. The digital energetic circular economy should enable global economic growth decoupled from resource consumption.

The focus is particularly on extracting and securing resources from products that are no longer needed. A central component of the digital circular energy economy is therefore the repair/refurbishing of used devices such as solar modules and the digitalisation of these devices. In this way, we ensure - in cooperation with our partner companies - that not only used solar modules but also used batteries and IT equipment - including server farms - fit perfectly into the new digital world.

At its core, every circular economy is based on the principle of maximum efficiency - just as nature shows us. In order for us all to minimise the consumption of resources for the provision of products or services, we show products and services that open up completely new possibilities.

Energy must be a fundamental right - energy enables communication - communication enables knowledge - knowledge protects us all.