Short distances - great effect technology for module recycling

Solar modules are made from a variety of raw products and materials - including glass, aluminium and silicon-based solar cells. - manufactured. All three products are manufactured using high-temperature smelting.  If solar modules are dismantled and simply disposed of, not only is a lot of waste produced, but many raw materials are also lost. We therefore see the re-use market as our primary destination, but for the small amount of so-called end-of-life modules we have developed a

Overarching process in the recycling of solar modules.

The Rinovasol Group has developed an innovative technological process in the recycling of solar modules across all steps to achieve a recycling rate of almost 100 percent of the components of a solar module. Rinovasol Group has thus positioned itself at the heart of the circular economy. The aim is to make the important raw materials from the solar modules that are no longer used usable for further industrial use. The technology is based on the extensive industrial feeding of solar modules, the breaking free of the individual components of a module and the sorting of the pure fractions of the materials. Everything is carried out directly on site at the national partners with the help of our mobile dismantling units.