Your competent point of contact for the financial sector

In addition to serving photovoltaic panel manufacturers, OEM manufacturers, and photovoltaic market operators, Rinovasol Group also defines itself as a competent partner to the financial sector. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are an insurer offering photovoltaic coverage as part of your portfolio or if you are a reinsurer offering coverage concepts for the industry. Please ask us if you feel that refurbishments are needed in this segment. Along with our specialists, we work with you to ensure that claims are handled cost-effectively and that portfolio risks are assessed in the best possible way.

Enhanced Risk Management for the PV Industry

Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we have compiled extensive databases for mapping frequent damage patterns occurring in certain constellations of a solar panel's BOM. As a leading company for the refurbishing and recycling of solar panels, these databases allow us to make predictions about the failure probabilities of the solar panels in question. Thanks to our complete vertical integration of the various branches of the industry, we are the only company able quantify the maximum losses incurred EVEN BEFORE THE DAMAGE OCCURS (Enhanced Risk Management for the PV Industry).

Genuine Added Value For Investment Companies

We also bring genuine added value to investment companies specialized in the construction of photovoltaic plants. We are in a position to successfully handle any warranty cases for you, even in case a defaulting guarantor. Thanks to our ability to manufacture solar panels with OLD CHARACTERISTICS, we are able to make selective replacements without the need to completely redesign a PV farm.