We offer our clients worldwide refurbishment services with patented technology because 90% of the time there is no real need to dispose PV-modules. Almost every damaged module is actually just in dire need of a simple refurbishment. We managed to fix every common problem so far; delamination, hot-spots or porous backsheets are no real challenge for us.

We will find a solution for your PV-panel problem - for sure. Register here to inquire our support.

Catalogue of defects

The customer prepares a list of panels with any indication about errors. Packing will be prepared by using our PV-Collect System. We or the customer arrange the transport. After inbound inspection we report the volumes for each quality level.

Our services entail:
  • Erasing of ID
  • Removal of serial number
  • Removal of branding
  • Replacing with new tags
Junction Box
Errors with the Junction Box:
  • Burned off
  • Lost connection
  • Malfunction
  • Cut/broken cable
Backsheet Cracks
Different stages:
  • Backsheet gets porous
  • Beginning of cracks
  • Full cracks around the cells
  • Backsheet falls to pieces
Different levels of Hot-Spots:
  • 1 - 3 cells affected
  • 4 - 6 cells affected
  • more than 6 cells
Snail Wheels
Different levels of Snail Wheels:
  • 1 - 3 cells affected
  • 4 - 6 cells affected
  • more than 6 cells
Different effects:
  • Bubbles inside modules
  • Low Riso issue
  • Ribbon/busbar corossion
Isolation Error
Different levels of isolation error:
  • Starting isolation error
  • Medium isolation error
  • Heavy isolation error
Broken Glass
Only useful for recycling purposes


Other Defects
Will reduce purchase price level