Recycling What happens if a solar panel reaches its end-of-life?

In our certified facility we do the following steps:

At first, we remove the junction boxes and the frames. The plastic and copper are returned to the recycling cycle. If the laminate happens to be shredded, it will be delivered to Security Glass Recycling.

Warranty & Quality What we can guarantee

  • Fully licensed facility for used solar panel treatment following the WEEE regulations.
  • Most advanced business model for solar panels.
  • Approved workflows for recycling and treatment of PV-panels.
  • Own fully registered recycling workshop in Germany
    (Guprotec GmbH).
  • Member of an innovative group in the recycling industry
    (United Energy Group B.V., Netherlands).
  • Partnership with several TIER1 an TIER2 manufacturers in the
    solar industry.