Investor Relations Rinovasol Maintains An Open Dialog

We have decided to acquire growth and projects earmarked for financing by borrowed capital on the free capital market. This allows us to offer individuals with an ecological mindset and interested in a safe financial instrument the opportunity to acquire a stake in this growth market.
That is why Rinovasol is committed to maintaining an open dialogue with all of our investors. We are also publishing the facts relevant for valuation purposes both on investor platforms and on this website (albeit in condensed form). It goes without saying that we are keeping our readers and investors posted on the development of our companies. Innovation to improve sustainability is one of Rinovasol Group's core values, both for the Group and for our environmentally responsible customers.

We are currently raising growth capital in a public financing round to further expand the production capacities of Rinovasol Global 0 and M. You too can participate, starting with a contribution of 500 Euros. For this project we work in partnership with Innovestment, a digital investment and financing platform.

Click here to learn more and subscribe directly online. Your paid-in capital in the form of a loan will start earning interest immediately.

Economic Aspects and Social Interests

Economic aspects and social concerns are an important ingredient of our decision-making process, which is why we review our supply and production chains dynamically and from new angles several times a year. It is this combination of many factors which is key to Rinovasol's constant improvement of its future viability and performance.

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